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Lice Perspectives Services

• Prompt appointment scheduled after initial call.

• In-home services available.

• FREE head checks provided to all family members that reside in the home.

•School, Camp and Daycare Head Check Services available.

•Education on head lice matters

• Education provided to all family members of the family on lice prevention and elimination.

• Tips & Tricks on cleaning your environment.

• Most affordable and through head lice removal, treatment and education available.

• Holiday appointments are not always guaranteed.

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Lice Perspectives provides professional and confidential head lice treatment, removal and education at our treatment center or in the comfort of your own home! We conduct business with heart and integrity and provide safe & effective treatment of head lice. Lice Perspectives technicians are moms and this means we do relate to what you are going through. Since we are designed by a mom to serve moms and families, you will find that your Lice Perspectives experience will be met with care and utmost understanding.

Our Specialists screen each family member for FREE then treat each affected family member by methodically and thoroughly means. We ONLY use safe, non-toxic, pesticide-free products, with no age restrictions.

During your visit, our specialists educate and train families to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation and give proven, accurate information on how to treat the home. Lice Perspectives GUARANTEES that you and your family will be 100% lice free at the end of your visit!

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Head lice Screening for Schools, Camps & Daycares

Does your school, camp or daycare have unwanted visitors? Do you find that children keep returning with head lice and/or nits?

Lice Perspectives offers a Head Check Program where our Specialists will professionally check all students, campers and/or staff. Our discreet and non-disruptive methods will ensure minimal interruption and get the job done quickly, quietly and efficiently.

There is a fee of $1.00 per head, with a $100 minimum.

How does it work?

•A letter is provided for you to send home to parents letting them know of a scheduled day for head lice checks.

•Each child is seen by a Lice Perspectives Specialist.

•Each child is screened using a fresh lice stick.

•If lice or lice eggs (nits) are found, a sample of hair with the evidence is taped to a Lice Perspectives Head Check Verification form that explains our findings and what to do next.

•Upon finding lice activity on a child the Lice Perspectives Technician discretely lets staff know.

•All Head Check Verification forms are provided to the office. Parents are contacted by the office or school nurse.

To receive more information about our Head Check Program for your school, camp or daycare, give us a Call at 219-617-1142 or

Email Us: Email Us Click Here

Before Your Appointment!

1. Wash child's hair before before your appointment - make sure hair is completely dry. Also, NO hairspray or gel should be applied prior to visit as it makes the treatment process more difficult.

2. Please refrain from using other topical lice treatments before your appointment, these products make the hair brittle and is unnecessary.

3. Brush or comb hair and remove as much tangles as possible, before your appointment.

4. Have them wear a button up shirt or bigger t-shirt for easy removal and a clean set of clothes ready.

5. While we make every effort to consider our client's comfort - he/she will be seated for an extended period. If they have a favorite book, game or DVD, please have it handy.

6. We strongly encourage you to have all family members and/or close relatives checked and/or cleared for FREE by Lice Perspectives, to eliminate any other possible sources of contact.

7. Don't stress over the cleaning - we will guide you through safe & proven means of cleaning necessary items only after treatment has been completed.

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Hours Of Operations
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Scheduling is available 24 hours a day
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